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Picture Rocks Networking LLC is the organizational owner for the LighthouseRover.com website. This website was created with the purpose of promoting interest in lighthouses, related history, travel to lighthouses, lighthouse research, and any other related field or element referring to lighthouses. We do this by offering the best website resource available via any device. We help our visitors have the best experience possible for whatever it is they need to do related to lighthouses.

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LighthouseRover.com provides this website as a service. Our total goal and intention is to be the most helpful lighthouse internet information provider and marketer, ever.

While the information contained within the site is pretty regularly updated, and the authors' intent is to provide the most accurate, informative and helpful information possible, we cannot guarantee that the information provided within the LighthouseRover.com website is correct, complete, and/or up-to-date.

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Website Media

Photographs, images and videos used on this website come from a number of different sources:

  • Many are authentically created with the use of photographic equipment by the creators of this website, as they have in the past and currently go about their lives in relation to the subject matter of this website. See more about the website creators - Click Here>
  • This website incorporates public domain photographs that are not under copyright in the United States because they may have expired[a], been forfeited[b], be a work by the U.S. government[c], were expressly waived[d], or may be inapplicable[e].
  1. Pre-1923 published works in the U.S., or 70 years beyond the life of the author
  2. A U.S. work published without a specific, explicit copyright notice before 1988.
  3. A work of the United States government: an officer or employee creating the work as part of their job, per section 105 of the Copyright Act.
  4. Creative Commons also offers through CC0 (Creative Commons Zero License) a way to release material worldwide into the public domain.
  5. Works created before the existence of copyright and patent laws
Public Domain ImagePublic Domain
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  • Many are obtained through the Creative Commons License: Attribution 4.0 International (CC By 4.0), which you can recognize by the placement of a Photo Credit attached. See The License>
  • Some were free photos downloaded and authenticated for usage by others via the Morguefile.com website
  • Others were taken by family members or friends of the creators of this website - and placed on the site with their permission.
  • A few have been purchased for usage, when necessary, mainly from Fotolia. But occasionally from other photo websites such as, but not solely including, iStock or Shutterstock.
  • A few have been sourced from code allowed to be shared, and therefore copied from YouTube¬© to embed to a website.