Lighthouses Around the World

To think of lighthouses around the world, you'd be thinking of at least 18,600 guiding lights. That's essentially just the active beacons!1 We're not even mentioning those historic ones that can still be seen, that aren't active. What about those that there in history, with some ruins you might find if you're searching for them. Some lighthouse ruins have even been made into historic sites!

Here, we'll show you lighthouses around the world that demonstrate some of the most famous, the most beautiful, some very unique or amazing. Some of the ultimates, and lighthouses around the world you may never have heard of - but are worth knowing about. Including some weird circumstances for lighthouses!

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Beautiful Lighthouses Around the World

Look around the world for lighthouses that catch the eye for their beauty. Doing so, we also consider their setting, plus the types of lighthouses around the world. Some just don't have the lighthouse construction that strike a note of beauty in typical minds. We'll pick out some we think are beautiful for both their eye-catching design combined with their setting. See what you think.

Split Rock Lighthouse on a cliff wooded with trees along the Lake Superior coastSplit Rock Lighthouse - What a View!
  • Split Rock Lighthouse - Built because of public clamoring for it. Many shipwrecks off this Lake Superior coast pointed to a need. Seven ships in 1905 succumbed to a gale. By 1910 it was in operation.6 Perched on a cliff, it's a stunner! Within Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, which offers many activities. Extra pic>
  • Kovalam Beach Lighthouse - Because it's nearby Kovalam beach resort, India, part of its beauty is the setting of palms. It has this nickname, but officially named Vilinjam Lighthouse. In the 1700s to 1800s it protected this bustling harbor. Even so, it only had a tall masted flag directing boats into port. It's now more of a fishing village. The current light was only lit in 1972.2 See it>
  • Cape Byron Lighthouse - What A Setting! Plus the white starkness of the tower all make this a beauty amidst the lighthouses around the world. In New South Wales, at Australia's most Eastern point. Overlooking Byron Bay, the inlet and the town. Address: 199 Lighthouse Rd., in the Cape Byron State Conservation Area. 
  • Tourlitis Lighthouse - What a seaworthy beauty in Andros, Chora, Greece.5 And unique, too. Built up on the seabed's natural rocky outcroppings. Then kind of whittled into shape, molded to this lighthouse. An original 1897 lighthouse arose here, but WWII saw its demise. An oil man rebuilt this as his daughter's tribute.4 Finished in 1994,5 it's definitely one of the most beautiful lighthouses around the world.
  • Low Lighthouse - Debated between unique or beautiful on this one. It has it's own "ugly-duckling" beauty. It did make the Huffington Post list of the Top 10 Most Beautiful.3 White, with a red stripe that goes up over the top. Square-shaped, but two-story high, above its legs. Rising up on its nine leg pilings, set into a tidal area. Located in Burnham on Sea, England - in the Southwest on the Bristol Channel, into Bridgewater Bay. 
  • Jose Ignacio Lighthouse - In Maldonado, Uruguay - the Atlantic coast. Get a Nice Look Here> The town is a resort area. The lighthouse has access summer afternoons, plus weekend evenings otherwise.7 Its tan brick coloring has white outlining at the lower level. Round porthole windows line up the tower. Capped off with a red & white lantern room/gallery. All very pretty, looking well-maintained.
  • St. Mary's Lighthouse - A bit of a trip to get there, and See It>  North of Whitley Bay and Tyne on the Northeastern coast of England. Take the causeway, but covered by the tidal waters when the water's high. The North Tyneside Council operates the visitor center. Built in 1898, the beacon's been automated since 1984. For tide visiting details call +441912008652 or email:
  • Les Esclaireurs Lighthouse - In the Beagle Channel off Ushuaia, Argentina. On a tiny, rocky island. Often referred to as the "Lighthouse at the End of the World." Because it seems it could be! But that's from the title of Jules Verne's 1884 Novel, who was actually speaking of San Juan de Salvamento Lighthouse, which came from his imagination. He located it at Isla de los Estados, which is an Argentine ecological reserve. It's considered the Southmost projection of the Andes Mountains. Heavily forested, it's a refuge for seabirds and marine mammals.7

Unique Lighthouses Around the World

Look at these very special lighthouses. They certainly enthrall you, enticing your visit, as they're pretty much one of a kind. For one reason or another. We'll show you:

Lindaum Lighthouse is on a pier in a 3-country international border lake. Unusual with a clock imbedded in the tower.Lindau Lighthouse
  • Lindau Lighthouse - Probably the most photographed lighthouse in Germany, in the like-named town. Not only unique, but it's quite enchanting. What's particularly unique, is the huge working clock set into the side, visible from town. Completed in 1856, it's at the end of a pier into Lake Constance.8 Which in Germany is called The Bodensee, part of The Rhine River. The lake is a border division between Germany, Switzerland and Austria - adding to the uniqueness. You can climb the tower 11am-6pm April to Sept.9
  • Green Cape Lighthouse - Way out at the end of this New South Wales Peninsula overlooking Disaster Bay! Uniqueness continues from there. In Ben Boyd National Park, the furthest South lighthouse in the state.10 Look At its unique style. The bottom of the tower flares out in pyramidic manner. The top, just under the gallery, reminds one of a serving platter. The road to get there is unpaved. You can even stay in keepers' accommodations.
  • Cape Reinga Lighthouse - Unique for its solar powered, automated beacon, its design, and the location. Not very tall, but its on a cliff a bit over 541 feet above sea level. Located at the far North of New Zealand, North Island, the top end of Cape Reinga, or Te Rerenga Wairua. Where the Tasman Sea adjoins the Pacific. Near the lighthouse is directional signage pointing to world cities, a favorite photo spot.11 Follow Hwy. 1 all the way North. Park in the Carpark to take the Cape Reinga/Te Rerenga Wairua Lighthouse Walk along a paved path. What's really special: the area is "steeped in Māori tradition"11 which you'll learn about on your trek. See it and many more New Zealand Lighthouses, when you Download NZ Lighthouse Poster>
  • Paradip Lighthouse - May be the most unique of all lighthouses around the world, that we've seen, anyway! Just See It to know why. Named for the town, on the outlet of Mahanadi River. Partway up the tower, a circular observation/control room extends outward, with windows all around. There's still a normal gallery at the top. Has been all-developed for visitors to access.
  • Lange Nelle Lighthouse - A different, unique looking lighthouse among the world's beacons: white, but blue striping, painted like waves. Quite narrow tower. Located in Vuurtorenweg, Oostende, Flanders, Belgium. On the North Sea coast, southernmost area. Get a pic, but can't enter it. According to author Dennis Jarvis from Halifax, Canada, if electric power fails for the beacon, it's able to switch to gas. 
Mapping the location of the Lange Nelle LighthouseLocating the Lange Nelle Lighthouse on a Map

Amazing Lighthouses Around the World

Some lighthouses around the world, you just look at in awe, saying: "amazing!" Here's what we're featuring:

  • Cape Bojeador Lighthouse - A truly historic 1892 building in Burgos, Ilocos Norte, Philippines. On the most Northwestern point of Luzon. One of the country's National Historical Landmarks and National Cultural Treasures. Spanish Colonial styling is of local brick construction, with its 8-sided shape. Because of 1990 earthquake damage, its historic beacon power was changed to solar. At the top of Vigia de Nagpartian Hill. Walk or take a trike to get a tour, where you'll see the wonderful ironwork surrounding the gallery.12
  • Casquets Lighthouse - In the middle of the English Channel, between England and France you'll see "Les Casquets" - part of the Channel Islands. These rocky, essentially barren islands, generated dangers for many shipwrecks. Trinity House has charge of its operations. Against the fog and blue of the sky and waters, the wide red & white stripes stand out. Of three lighthouses here, from 1724, it's the only one still lit. Now by solar. A View>
  • Duncansby Head Lighthouse  - Built on the most Northeasterly coast of mainland Scotland, in Caithness, Highland. Right where the Atlantic Ocean meets up with the North Sea. This causes opposing currents which even earned nicknames: the Swilkie, Bore of Huna, Wells of Tuftalie, Duncansby Bore, Merry Men of May!13 Built in 1924, automated since 1997. There's no visiting inside,13 alas! But what's amazing still, is getting there by driving the narrow road from nearby John o' Groats, about two miles West. Behind the the lighthouse follow the path to view Geo of Sclaites, a narrow canyon. Keep heading upward for the most rewarding view: Thirle Door and the Stacks of Duncansby. Dramatic pointy offshore island formations, and a window through a shore outcrop.14 See the LIght>
  • Þrídrangaviti Lighthouse - This 1939 Iceland lighthouse could be tops of all amazing lighthouses around the world. Six miles offshore on the Westman Islands in the North Atlantic. Atop a rocky cliff-top island sits Þrídrangar, on an area barely containing it. The name means three pillars, referring to three pillar-like islands in that area (there's actually four, but only three have names). Featured in the novel Why did you lie? by Yrsa Sigurðardóttir. It was built with the help of mountaineers!15 Now there's a helipad there.

Frozen Lighthouses Around the World

Frozen Lighthouses! What comes to your mind? Something carved out of ice for a wedding? Maybe some are ordered like that for lighthouse lovers! For sure.

But what most think of are lighthouses found in arctic type climates, or winter-bound areas. When storms arise, throwing waves of freezing water at lighthouses, causing inundation with natural icing coatings! Lake Michigan area is famed for this. There are other areas, too. Let's see what we can find:

  • Cleveland Harbor Main Entrance Lighthouse - In operation from March 1911, with the keeper's quarters within. On Lake Erie. In 2010 a storm threw so much freezing lake water up, it made national news!16 It looks like a wedding cake!
  • Grand Haven Outer Pier Light - The pier on Lake Michigan has two lighthouses. The Outer One looks like a little red schoolhouse! With a lighthouse up the middle. But now it's covered in icicles. The little red schoolhouse children will be thrilled!
  • Oshawa Harbor Inlet Light - In Ontario Canada, at the Port of Newcastle. Very little information on this diminutive light. Look>
  • Peggy's Point Lighthouse - Nova Scotia, Canada. Beloved, and photographed so much! Posting Here shows the January rocks icing up. 
  • Mystery Twin Lights on a Breakwater - Found these frozen lighthouses below on an internet search, but can't determine the location. Possibly on Lake Erie, Canadian side. They're a cute little set, feeling cold! Anyone recognize them? Their location? Tell us>

Photos of the World's Lighthouses

People are always interested in ultimates. We'll search out some of those here. For instance: the tallest or biggest lighthouse in the world, the oldest lighthouse in the world, and the brightest lighthouse in the world. And here we're expanding on those we've talked about above, giving those photos of lighthouses around the world.

Those Beautiful & Chilled Lighthouses

A red lighthouse is wave swept by icy waters until ice is staring to cover it.Frosted Up on the Grand Haven Outer Pier

Unique & Amazing Lighthouse Pics

More Lighthouses Around the World


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