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  • Lists all the lighthouses in Florida where you can enter the tower for tours
  • Divides them into area sections: Atlantic Coast, Keys, Gulf Coast
  • Gives pertinent information: addresses, contact, opening/visiting details
  • Has an area to write in your own notes
  • Enables you to check them off when you visit them - so you have your own Florida Lighthouse Life-list tracking

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When you get our Beacon Lore lighthouse bulletin, you'll receive delightsome communiques about your supercool fascination, all those lighthouse topics we love to hear about. But it's NOT your ordinary lighthouse newsletter!

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We help you:

  • Get insider lowdown not found on our regular website pages.
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  • Get helpful info to plan a visit to a lighthouse - whether near or far, whether real-world or virtual
  • Hear essential historical facts about lighthouses + info on people associated with them - such as the Keepers, their families, builders, today's volunteers, crafters & artists. Plus those who depended on lighthouses.
  • Watch for random exclusive deals & advantages only for our lighthouse newsletter subscribers (sometimes even free stuff!)

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Why Our Lighthouse Newsletter?

Poster asking people to discover Beacon Lore, a electronic newsletter about lighthouses.

Just like you, we love knowing all kinds of things about lighthouses - visiting them, their history, taking their pictures, on & on! We love creating our Beacon Lore, this unique lighthouse newsletter, to be a valuable bulletin of interest and substance. So you'll love receiving it.

Plus as a subscriber - we really desire your input. We want you to be a part of what we do here! We want you to feel like you're touring lighthouses with us, and will feel comfortable sharing feedback. Any ideas of what you'd like to see? Let us know!

What's in Our Beacon Lore Lighthouse Newsletter?

Our main sections are:

Our Feature Story

We'll showcase an interesting narrative from the past. It may be...

Publicizing the latest News
  • An overview of the life of a Keeper, the Keeper as a human being, or a Keeper's family.
  • The account of a shipwreck and/or the lifesaving efforts surrounding that
  • An amusing or even a hauntingly scary item related to lighthouses - that may make you laugh or send chills down your spine!
  • Some unusual event in the "life" of a lighthouse
  • And so much more!

Our Lighthouse Patrol

A boat speeding in a waterway with a bridge in the background

We virtually patrol the world looking for interesting lighthouses to review for you, as a subscriber. Maybe you'd like to go visit them, or their location's surroundings. We can get you started to thinking about that. It may be an exotic location. Maybe difficult to reach? So of course, with Beacon Lore, you can just take a virtual, electronic visit to the one we feature each time! But the adventurous might even try a trip! Then you could tell us about it - we could include your experience here, if you'd like! Or it just may be one on your Lighthouse Go-To Life List - your "bucket list" as they say!


Clock faces under a lighthouse lantern room with a round the clock headline

At we're on board 24/7 for you to search our site to find anything of interest about lighthouses. There's no opening/closing hours. We're always there for you!

Here's our section where we'll tell you what we've been up to lately, what's the latest website page created for your knowledge, entertainment, or virtual visits. We take you there!

But we do have multiple ways for you to stay in touch with us. We have our Social Media Pages, like Facebook. And have you seen this other one yet -  another one we ourselves love is Pinterest. Another way to automatically stay in touch is by hooking up with our Blog - in "What's the Latest?" Just click on the little orange box in the upper right to subscribe to the notifications.

Then of course, right here - go to our Beacon Lore Subscription Form to sign up now for our quarterly bulletins: Beacon Lore!

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What's the Latest?

  1. The Lighthouse Movie 2019 Can Be a Puzzle. Let's Take A Look at It!

    Sep 20, 21 05:08 PM

    The Lighthouse Movie of 2019 sure got a lot of opinions going - hot & cold. If you look beneath the surface, it seems to be more than meets the eye.

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  2. Lighthouse Crafts are Fun! Make One & for Kids Too - So Much Choice

    Sep 17, 21 08:04 PM

    Lighthouse crafts get you into learning to build your own lighthouse, crafting your own decor, entertaining the kids & so much more. See what we have for you!

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  3. Lake Pontchartrain Lighthouse also known as Milneburg Lighthouse - Wow

    Sep 15, 21 06:14 PM

    Lake Pontchartrain Lighthouse has a bit of a crazy life in this iconic lake. It was the 2nd one of this namesake & its interesting 1800s history took off!

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The Safety Net

Netting with a headline about lighthouse restoration

Those of us who love lighthouses, are so tuned in to their history and value. Thus we understand the need to take care of them. Because of their placement requirement, of course they're always faced with extreme conditions. They continually need our support and loving care. We can try to do what we can to help. We highlight a lighthouse who can use some of our help. And there are always multiple ways to do that - even by just visiting them!

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