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A lighthouse drawing with the title of Tips for Lighthouse Decor

Lighthouse decor can have several connotations. You can be sure we'll probably address your interest here. Or we can help you find out more about what you want to know. Looking for ideas on how to arrange your own home entirely in a nautical manner? Then you'll want to incorporate lighthouse decor into such a theme. Right?

One thing to remember is to keep a balance for the pieces that you choose. Be careful "not to overstimulate the viewer and diminish the effect of the pieces you do choose."4

Some want to know exactly what decor related to lighthouses are expressly suitable for a bathroom, bedroom or kitchen. Others are specifically interested in their deck, yard or garden being decorated with a nautical theme. So they want lighthouse decor ideas for the outdoors. In any case, many people want lighted lighthouse decor - they want to find lighthouses that actually do light up! And why not?!

We'll get right to what you'd categorically like to know (click it):

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Quality Nautical Lighthouse Decor

When you think of decorating your home or property with a nautical lighthouse theme, a secondary thought may be the color scheme you'd like to use. Lighthouses of the world are often starkly painted in colors contrasting with surroundings for daytime visibility. Thus you'll find mostly they're painted white or in black & white pattern variations. Red ones pop up occasionally. But rarely will green or blue be incorporated.

Want to go "real-world" in choosing a decor color scheme? Keep that in mind, as you design. What about white as the dominant theme, then adding red accents? Place hints of green here and there, as a sub-accent. Then include red and white lighthouse decor items. For example, you could use a mini lighthouse keeper quarters with a red roof. 

In searching out decor for your home or property, there's a wide range of products. Of course, with a variation of quality.

At the shore, you'll see many lighthouse souvenirs in gift shops. Multiple shops have online purchasing as well. Item quality varies. When buying for kids, you're likely budget-minded. Please ensure the purchase is safe, even if it's cheap. But still watch for quality finds sourced from local crafts-people.

A great many lighthouses are maintained by charity organizations. Their life-blood depends largely on purchases from their own gift shops, along with donations. They'll have a range of caliber in lighthouse decor. But often carry numerous excellent products from local crafts-people. They truly appreciate any of Your Purchases.

Quality Lighthouse Pieces

Sometimes a unique crafter is discovered, who makes select lighthouse decor to incorporate into your home. One idea is from a family carpentry business, specializing in custom staircases, cabinetry and nautical millwork. From Cape Cod, Bass River Carpentry crafts delightful lighthouse staircase handrails, among other similar items.

Exquisite Stained Glass Windows are an added feature for including a lighthouse into the design. Etchings show wonderful lighthouse illustration gleaming through a glass window in such a striking way.

Lefton Lighthouses are collectors' items, very much sought after. Hungarian George Zoltan Lefton immigrated to the U.S. in 1939. Even though he'd been in the clothing business, in 1941 Chicago he started the Lefton Company. He specialized in his passion: fine porcelain. You'll find his identifying marks on his lighthouse pieces.1

Lighthouse Decoration Ideas

When you've taken those shore-line vacations, you may already have some stashed souvenirs to begin your lighthouse decoration for your home. What a waste to have them stuffed in a drawer, or boxed in the attic! You can go small, or go large:

  • Bring out those tiny lighthouse tower replicas. Then create a mini-scene on a coffee or side table. Or go with a lighthouse lamp on that table. Either way, add some sea shells arranged pleasingly.
  • On a small vacant wall space, organize three tiny frames with lighthouse postcards you've received or picked up for souvenirs.
  • Have a larger lighthouse statue stashed in the garage? Spruce it up. Place it beside your front door. On its face fasten a sign, or stick-on letters, or letter it yourself with one of the following:
  1. Your family name
  2. Your house number
  3. A short representative saying of a following type: nautical (like "Home is Where Our Light Is") or family (like "Calm waters & peace within", or just "Welcome"
  4. Family initials
Imitation Lighthouse on a Front Porch - This one has Christmas decorations next to it.Lighthouse at the Front Door. Photo Credit: taliesin

Just a few ideas to get your thinking cap on! What more can you come up with?

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Bathroom Lighthouse Decor

A bathroom is a fun place to install some lighthouse trappings. Guests will find it more fun visiting, than the run of the mill toilet roll!

What's cute in a guest bathroom is a Shell Soap Dish holding guest-sized Lighthouse-Shaped Soaps. That's just one plan. What strategies can you come up with?

Bedroom Lighthouse Styling

Maybe it's one of the kids who'd really like a lighthouse styled bedroom. Our son was enthralled with Popeye and sailors for awhile when he was young. (He actually did join the Navy as an adult!) We didn't do it back then, but I know he would've loved a lighthouse themed bedroom!

Anybody like that in your family?

Lighthouse Decor in the Kitchen & Dining Areas

Does the kitchen seem a somewhat odd place to you for lighthouse decor? Maybe not! Some interesting ideas exist for equipping the kitchen with a lighthouse concept.

There are lots of choices for table or counter-top themes. For instance, salt and pepper Shakers, and a Napkin  Holder. Can we find a paper towel and toothpick holder too? 

If you like throwing themed parties, or sponsoring a wedding reception with a lighthouse specific motif, there are many options for decor. You can start with themed invitations, and you may want menu and/or seat placement cards. You can find Cheese Service sets with lighthouse-handle spreaders. Find lunch or dinner plates, Placemats and napkins with nautical themes. If it's a one-time thing, you might use paper products. But if you're into regular entertaining, search for a nautical set for these occasions.

Throughout the party area place votive candle lights for the mood. What's neat are the little lighthouse candles to fit into the tealight style votives. Or use the lighthouse votive glasses for tealight candles. Be sure you have a picture of a lighthouse on the wall!

Your serving table can be decorated with miniature lighthouse scenes, adding some seashells, maybe ships or other sea related items. Arrange them as a backdrop to the food platters in groups of three or five at the table corners, or in the center. Or you can place little scenes as decor throughout the party area, set up on Craft Trays, as a lighthouse/nautical melange.

Another idea is to organize your dining table with a lighthouse decor Centerpiece. You can create it yourself from items you already have - like that souvenir lighthouse you have. Place it into some type of holder. Then arrange related trinkets to surround it!

One idea is using a clay flower pot saucer. Probably sand it, then paint it with a coordinating Craft Paint. You could mound some rocks up on a side, fasten them together with clear craft glue - to look like a cliff. Arrange some shells at the bottom, maybe add a starfish.

How else could you get creative? Surround it all with a miniature life preserver? Or fish netting and/or coiled rope. What else can you think of?

Lighthouse Living Room Decor

A place where you might spend a lot of time can be made into your ideal lighthouse decor spot. How about some nice area carpeting with a lighthouse or seashore theme. Then add to that with minimalist or focus pieces, depending on how you want to coordinate with the rug.

A living room area rug should match the style of the room. If its use is more of a family room, then the style used could have multiple lighthouses - thus a little more Lively Appearance. While if the living room is formal, the carpet should have a subtle tone for its lighthouse decor.

Choose a side table that could use a bit of dress-up. It's a setting for which you'll want to find a straight-sided piece of clear glassware to create your own tableau. Start with adding a layer of about two inches of clean Craft Sand in the bottom. Next add a suitably sized tiny lighthouse figurine. Add some small rocks, Tiny Shells and starfish, and some small strands of string to represent rope. What else could you add for effect? To complete the area, hang two lighthouse art pieces above to the left and right of your lighthouse tableau.

If your living room has a bookcase, it's a fine place to exhibit your lighthouse reference volumes. If you have some that have high quality photography, you may want to display them on a coffee table. Finally top off your living room lighthouse decor with suitable decorator pillows.

Lighthouse Themes in the Outdoors

Your yard or garden is a wonderful place to use lighthouses. You can cordon off a section of the property for this idea. Or encompass the whole area, if you're that involved.

It's good to center your theme around a main lighthouse. First consider what type of material you'd like the lighthouse to be made from:

  • Wood - A material that's easily available, for your planned diy lighthouse construction, or your ready-made purchase. Wood is fairly easily painted to your own liking, if you so choose. 
  1. As the real world style, paint it white. Or go with gray, black & white stripes. Even get creative, using blue or other colors of your own choosing. You can coordinate or contrast with your home's colors - just as a seaside lighthouse needs to do with its surroundings. 
  2. Depending on your own woodworking skill (or not), this could be an economical choice (or mid-range).
  • Polyethylene or ABS - Commonly used plastics today. Likely a plastic lighthouse will be a mixed type, and not solely made from plastic. If you determine it's from ABS, there are many benefits vs. polyethylene.2 This may be your least costly option.
  • Stone - If you're certain you'd like a permanent outdoor lighthouse fixture, this material is probably the best choice. It's the most durable over the years, plus it suggests real world structures. Whatever your local weather and climate, it will inevitably come through with flying colors! Maybe not easiest to find a ready-made lighthouse in this material. It might be the most costly choice, especially if you hire a stone-mason for the construct. Brick and stone were the most common in the real world for general indestructibility.3
  • Other options - Using molds, materials such as plaster, resin or cement can be used to form lighthouse structures. You often find these ready made in a lawn ornaments retail shop.5 These materials will generally hold up to the weather, although could be damaged by breakage from rough handling.

Once you've decided on the lighthouse you want to use, analyze your property placement. It's an ideal spot to use a solar lighthouse! Then design a plan and go to it. If you have funding, hire a landscape architect!

But do you wonder how to make a homemade lighthouse? 

Light Up Your Lighthouses

To make your home or yard lighthouse more authentic, why not light it up! One popular method is with holiday decorations, such as the one pictured here, or lighthouse ornaments lit up. Other times, the light is incorporated into an actual Lighthouse Lamp. Of course a lighthouse night light is always an easy, popular choice. This unique one is Worth a Look>

Outside you could use a lighthouse as a front light - along the walkway or driveway, or at the doorway entrance. In the backyard, it could light up the patio area, or the back doorway. If you have a garden lighthouse placement among the pathways there, a lighthouse that lights up will help for evening walks.

If you're intent on a diy lighthouse - consider the types of lights you could incorporate into your tower.

Lighthouse Wall Decor

There are always nice ways to have lighthouse reminders in places at home. Right on the walls! You might have one theme wall in a particular area of the house. Or you may have a nautical effect throughout. In that case, a lighthouse print as wall decor may end up anywhere or everywhere!

An idea if you want to go big, is to use a mural. 

You could even try painting one yourself! You might use Lighthouse Stencils. There are simple ways to use a yardstick to outline a lighthouse on the wall and paint it in, as a focal point. Freehand curves for waves, clouds and birds, though there's a way to make even curves with a string and a tack.

But if you don't dare, there are Ready Murals to put right up on the wall.

But most of us prefer to use lighthouse artwork. What types are there? You could use photographs of lighthouses you've taken yourself, or those published by others as artwork. Nice lighthouse posters are an option. You could use architectural plans, printing them onto quality paper for framing. Or search out those vintage lighthouse images4 reproduced as prints for hanging.

How have you used lighthouse wall decor for best effect?

Creativity With Lighthouses

Are you the crafty type? Do you love doing your own thing, rather than going with expensive purchases and touristy souvenirs? You're wondering how do you make a homemade lighthouse. You can create your own lighthouse decor. Wondering how do you make a lighthouse for kids?

These are all ideas for lighthouse decor that we hope got you started for working out your own plan.


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