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A stay in a lighthouse bed and breakfast will be a whole new experience, above and beyond the same old, same old! Wouldn't you think? We've searched around to find where you can stay in a lighthouse, or the surrounding keeper's quarters. Many lighthouses around the world have been restored, along with their outbuildings. And then have been reinvented totally, or at least in part, to become accommodations. Which is absolutely terrific for all of us who love the lighthouse following lifestyle.

So let's see where we can go. See about maybe planning your next trip to a lighthouse with a B and B. Or maybe a whole vacation to a coastal area with a string of lighthouse bed and breakfasts. Is there that? Honestly, there aren't very many lighthouses that supply you with a breakfast - as a B&B. However, you can find many more lighthouse accommodations in which you can stay and cook for yourself! But we have found some actual lighthouse bed and breakfast choices we think will really thrill you! 

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U. S. Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast Choices


CORDOVA ROSE LODGE - In Cordova, the Southern part of Alaska, it's the bed & breakfast at the Orca Inlet Lighthouse. You don't stay in the lighthouse, as it's fairly small. The B & B building is a 1924 barge, on the shore of the Orca Inlet, adjacent to the navigational lighthouse. So this lighthouse bed and breakfast is a unique experience. Continental breakfast, or upgrade to full. Private & semi-private room choices. Common area offers WiFi & more. For more info call them:  (907) 424-7673.


EAST BROTHER LIGHT STATION - A very unique lighthouse bed and breakfast stay.  Their location is north of Richmond Bridge, the N. end of San Francisco Bay, off Point San Pablo. Where you take the 10 min. boat trip from the Point San Pablo Yacht Harbor. Be prepared for the unusual, including boating to the remote island, climbing the 4 to 12 ft. ladder for access, hearing the fog horn sound from the island's  Southwest each 20 seconds, Oct, to April 1, and being ready to conserve water. Stays are available for adults only, up to four nights: Thursday through Sunday. Choose one of five rooms. Cell service can be spotty. The whole experience takes you back to the old days! Day trips to the island are also available. For all details - use their Contact Form>


BIG BAY POINT LIGHTHOUSE BED AND BREAKFAST - Two story Cape Cod style lighthouse was transformed to a B&B in 1986. Seven guest rooms are on both floors, five with panoramic views of Lake Superior, in Big Bay Michigan. All are ensuite. This historic lighthouse first put into service in 1896, some say it's haunted! The light was automated in 1941 and is still a navigational beacon. In a remote area, for a nice peaceful stay for those 18+ years of age. They say best contact is via email:


WHITEHEAD LIGHT STATION - Such history here! President Thomas Jefferson commissioned it in 1803, as the 7th U.S. lighthouse. Automated in 1982, and all the while operating since the beginning! 

Not the typical way a B&B is run, but turn it into one, if it's worth it to you. They also specialize in experiential and educational programs. On Whitehead Island, off Spruce Head, accessed via Emery's Wharf, 15 minutes away from Rockland Maine. 

Here's the deal:

  • June to October the entire 11.1 acre Whitehead Light Station is available for your stay, minimum three nights.
  • In the Keeper's quarters, among seven ensuite bedrooms, all provided linens.
  • You also have two lounges, library, dining room, and kitchen.
  • Services of the captain, living at the Station to help with your needs, and provides some group outings.
  • All for rental fee of $7500/week plus tax.
  • Turn it into a lighthouse bed and breakfast (& more meals!) by hiring a cook for your stay.
  • Adult enrichment courses are run as a B&B system, typically five days long
  • Contact them:

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TWO HARBORS LIGHTHOUSE - This Cape Cod like styled lighthouse from 1892 is a perfect setting on Minnesota's North Shore. On the Historic Register, yet still operational for Lake Superior boating, as a guide into Agate Bay. Two Harbors is only 20 miles North of Deluth, but world's away from the city! Choose the Skiff House (sleeps four) or the Keeper's Quarters (sleeps six). For exact details, email: or call: 1-888-832-5606 

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New York

SAUGERTIES LIGHTHOUSE - In the early 1800s, Saugerties was a major port on the Esopus Creek confluence with the Hudson River, Catskill Mountains area. The lighthouse was planned for shipping traffic safety. The original burned in 1850, replaced and running by 1869. That's the current structure. Automation in 1954 led to deterioration, and by 1970s was almost torn down. Saved by concerned locals. Restored, then recommissioned, it's now again a working beacon where you can stay!

On arrival at the parking lot, take 1/2 mile trail to access Saugerties lighthouse bed and breakfast. About 10 minutes over solid earth, some packed sand, and boardwalks - some areas can be affected by tidal waters. It's recommended therefore, to pack lightly - perhaps a backpack. Linens, soap, shampoo, conditioner are all provided. Full breakfast served in the morning, other meals on your own. You can carry food in, as there's a stovetop for cooking. Or take the trail to your vehicle, to sample Saugerties' yummy cuisine choices.

The B&B rental is both second floor bedrooms: West Room & East Room, each with a double bed. Two cots available by request/extra charge. One shared first floor bathroom. Dates fill fast from April thru October.  If you want to reserve, see Their Rates. Then you must call the Lighthouse Keeper at (845) 247-0656, between 9am & 5pm. They only take reservations by phone.

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HACETA LIGHTHOUSE BED & BREAKFAST - The Haceta Head Lighthouse was first lit in early 1894, under very primitive conditions for the Keepers. The Head Keeper's House was removed and repurposed. The second Keeper's House remained, being used in multiple ways over the years. Until restored, becoming a lighthouse bed and breakfast in 1995. Located North of Florence Oregon, off Hwy. 101, half mile past the Sea Lion Caves.

Choose from six rooms, all ensuite. Children aged 10/+ welcome. Normally reservations including Saturdays require 2-night minimum. Includes daily Wine & Cheese Social, 7-course family style breakfast, more options for cost. Reservations require  prepay, using Visa, Master Card, or Discover.

For winter reservations (no Docent tours) history talks available after breakfast, with gift shop entry option for 30 minutes. You can also take a path to the lighthouse or to the beach while there.

More details, email: or call Toll Free 1-866-547-3696

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Or one of these, where they don't have breakfast for you - but they have a kitchen & a great value, plus a fetching view!


LIGHTHOUSE AT SMITHFIELD STATION - Something different, as it's not actually historic, but meant as a tribute to history. So thought it was worth a look. Ron & Tina Pack opened this facility in 1994, which they purposely designed as an exact representation of the Hooper Strait Lighthouse in that named waterway of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.

The original was a screw-pile type lighthouse that is now located at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, St Michael's, Maryland. First built in 1867, it was lost from Bay ice floes forcing it into the water. Then rebuilt in 1879, but removed to this spot. See it in the Museum complex.

But just to add to the adventure: stay in a replica in Virginia.

Located aside the Pagan River in Smithfield Virginia. Their claim is the only lighthouse on the East Coast with an overnight stay. Two suites To Choose: Captain Sinclair or Captain Todd. You can make it a bed and breakfast lighthouse by securing their Lighthouse Enthusiast Package, which not only includes a Continental Breakfast, but also a top-shelf dinner in their resort restaurant.

Lighthouse Bed and Breakfasts in Canada

Prince Edward Island

WEST POINT LIGHTHOUSE INN - In West Point, yes - the Western end of the Island. On West Point Beach, along the Northumberland Strait. The island's tallest lighthouse, built in 1875. Uniquely square shaped and tapered. Choose among 11 rooms with decks alongside the tower, or for more privacy stay in The Keeper's Quarters or The Tower Room. Each morning continental breakfast is included. All rooms ensuite, available June thru September.

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THE LIGHTKEEPER'S INN B&B - At Rose Blanche Lighthouse in Rose Blanche Newfoundland. On the Southwest part of this island Province. The B&B is a renovated early 20th century fisherman's saltbox home near the lighthouse. Like the lighthouse, it's owned by the nonprofit corporation, Rose Blanche Lighthouse Inc. From late Spring to early fall reserve one of four ensuite rooms. Each with double bed, and entrancing window views. Other extras are access to the all-fitted kitchen, Barbecue, fee-operated washer/dryer, free WiFi, satellite TV, DVD player, free pass to Rose Blanche Lighthouse and Fisherman's Museum. 

Described as "self-catering B&B" - how that works is:

  • Workers provide continental breakfast items: fruit, cereal, bread, milk, juice, coffee & tea.
  • You'll find them in the kitchen in the morning.
  • Just make yourself at home and serve yourself!


County Mayo

CLARE ISLAND LIGHTHOUSE - The first lighthouse was built in 1806. Fire damaged the tower in 1813, an adjacent one was newly built, plus a Keeper's home. Situated cliffside, on the North point of Clare Island. In 2008 renovations began for a lighthouse bed and breakfast. The Keeper's Quarters has shared space for guests, with a Kitchen, Lounge, and Dining Room/Library. Choose among six ensuite rooms, all period-style furnished, including vintage but cushy cast-iron beds. It's a good idea to Plan Ahead to get to Clare Island.

Or maybe you'd like one of these nearby alternatives - nice B&Bs, close enough to get the ferry to visit this Historic Lighthouse. And also see Pirate Queen Grace O'Malley's castle:  Kildavnet Tower


New South Wales

SMOKY CAPE LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER'S COTTAGES - In the North Coast Region, within Hat Head National Park (traditional lands of the Dunghutti People), near Arakoon. The lighthouse was built in 1891, learn its history when you climb the tower. For stays in the historic Keepers' quarters, adults can choose among three rooms, each with a TV & own bathroom. Breakfast served mornings in the sunroom. Added amenities: verandah & lawn areas, BBQ, enclosed courtyard, access to equipped kitchen, tea & instant coffee varieties, Nespresso machine/pods, lounge, equipped laundry. Pets cannot be accommodated, only certified service animals with documentation. To phone them for more details, call 0456 795 272

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Other Lighthouse Accommodation Options

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