Affiliate - Advertising Disclosure

We're Karen and Bill here - and we wanted to take a moment to send out a crystal clear beacon about our role in affiliate marketing here. Indeed, our all-encompassing goal is to be the most helpful, informative internet marketers that we can possibly be - and the best available for your needs regarding the interest that brought you to us - all about lighthouses. That is why we give you this free content and any downloads on Lighthouse Rover.

So we're providing this Affiliate and Advertising disclosure to be in compliance and provide transparency for visitors of This website is our personal site. [For more on who we are - See our About Us Page Here>] Our main purpose is to provide you with great information about visiting lighthouses, about lighthouse history, and really anything that may relate to lighthouses that lighthouse fans may appreciate. But it also accepts advertising and receives other forms of compensation.


Because we have this super interest in lighthouses, and traveling to visit lighthouses, we like to recommend to others relevant products which we have tried and found to be excellent. These are from companies we have personally bought from and trust in terms of their high quality products, cost-effective pricing, efficiency and personal service. 

Those products that we haven’t actually used are carefully researched and vetted, possibly tested, so we can believe in them to ensure a high quality experience for visitors to our Lighthouse Rover website. We hope that our visitors will enjoy the same types of relevant products that we have used, or that we've searched out and found to recommend for them.

Some of these companies have an "affiliate plan" of which we are a member.  This means that when we recommend a product and provide a link to buy it, we receive a small commission whenever someone clicks through to the supplier and buys. Although not all links on this website are affiliate links, you should assume that all links that leave this website and take you to another website are affiliate links - if they provide a way to purchase a product when you arrive directly there.  You should expect that we will earn a commission if you follow links from our site and make a purchase.

But, this does not involve any additional cost to you, the customer. The price will be the same if you found this product on your own instead of through our website.

Not every business we recommend, speak about, or buy from ourselves has an affiliate plan. Some products or businesses we recommend or sell products from, we may not make money from. We simply recommend them because they're good quality and have a fit for our website purpose.  We always have our "Affiliate Disclaimer" statement at the top of any page with products that have our affiliate links.

But we want to make sure it is clear that this website is indeed a for-profit venture and we want you to know exactly how income is generated from this website and why.

Where Does the Money Earned Go?

The money from affiliate sales helps us to keep the content information on this website free of charge. It helps us maintain the website and pay our business license fees and taxes.

We also donate a portion of earnings to some Non-profit Organizations which have a special meaning for us, especially as citizens concerned with our community and state. They include:

Arizona Community Foundation

Friends of the San Pedro River

Various Arizona Food Bank Non-profits

Affiliate Agreements

Companies with which We have an Affiliate Arrangement are as follows:

  • Google Ad-sense
  1. Special Statement About Amazon Products: As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.
  2. We love to read! We really love to read about history, historical characters, and thus related lighthouse travel and history books. So we purchase many books from Amazon. We're always able to find what we want on their site, so we recommend them because we enjoy buying books from them also.
  • - whenever we travel, we use them to get our reservations, as we just about always get the best deals with this site.
  • Share-A-Sale
  • Urban Adventure Quest
  • Site Build It

Pricing is the Same

So Remember - all of the products recommended on Lighthouse Rover are also the same prices as if you were to find them on your own. They are not priced higher in order for us to get a commission. If you make a purchase, you pay the same, either way.

"Ads by Google" are not selected by us. If you see a Google ad and a Web page or boxed alternative ad about the same product or service, it is a coincidence.

Your Support is Appreciated! We appreciate your consideration of any of our recommendations. We enjoy creating this website for you - which does take some time and effort to deliver original free content to you.

In Conclusion

The compensation earned from this site does not influence the information provided within this site. We've had an interest in travel, traveling to see lighthouses in many areas, and in the historical aspects of lighthouses for many years. Therefore we've gotten to know a bit about the subject and some wonderful things to do, and wonderful areas to visit related to that. We want to ensure you, as a visitor to our website, have good information at your fingertips, really enjoy your visit to our site, and will recommend it to others.

We also travel through Arizona, and the Western U.S. to areas reflecting old West history of this country. We provide information on Our Other Website to help any visitors connect to these areas, if they have that interest also.

Our goal is to provide you with quick and easy access to great lighthouse information, and related details, whether it is compensation based or not. We always provide honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences since we want to ensure you enjoy our website experience and continue to come back for additional information and recommendations.

Some of the companies with paid links may include travel companies which we believe provide great experiences. We offer this because we love to travel - and getting to lighthouses around the world probably will include travel for you as well. We believe they may help find deals on something for your upcoming trip. This is just one of the ways we provide additional options, so you can have fun but also save a little money in the process.

And Finally:

Our integrity, our website, the products sells and above all, your satisfaction, are very important to us.  If you have any questions or comments about this disclosure or about any of the products on this website, please do feel free to contact us through our Contact Form - Just Click Here>

Thank you very much!