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Karen & Bill on a boat in Puget Sound in front of a small lighthouseKaren & Bill with Lime Kiln Lighthouse in the Background

About Us - Who is it behind the scenes of this website?

We're Karen [That's Me>] and Bill [That's Me>]! We're here to help you get fantastic information on anything you want. About what? That enthusiasm we share: lighthouses!

We love discovering stuff about lighthouses. We visit them, take trips revolving around them, research them, read about them. What do you want to know? We may be able to help. Or we can share what we've found, together. If there's something obscure that you want to know - chances are we can find out for you!

We've always been interested in history. Over the years we've traveled, since we love traveling. A cousin lives in Manteo, North Carolina. For many years had a very successful business there on the Outer Banks. Visiting him, he took us to local lighthouses. With that trip, our interest focus for lighthouses truly began.

We started taking trips ourselves, incorporating visits to lighthouses. Over the years, of course, we were involved in our careers - not as much time to travel as we would've liked. But then it came time for retirement. With leisure opportunities to travel, to read, to research.

So we've begun developing this website, aiming to share our travel pastime with everyone who also loves lighthouses. Our purpose for this website is on all our web pages...

Roving the world discovering the best about lighthouses!

Retirement for Us

Is This Retirement?

By 2015 we'd both retired from our medical field professions as Respiratory Therapists in hospitals and in education. We were thinking of a plan for our time. First we purchased a Recreational Vehicle, since we loved traveling. We'd been into the "camping lifestyle" since we first met.

And we bought a home in the historical town of Tombstone Arizona! As mentioned, we love history, and have an interest in Old West history. Living there was an interesting experience - interacting with so many people who visit from all over the world! We found a need for a way to help those visitors get a better trip to town - and found a method via a website to do that.

Our plan was action in "retirement" - because retire!? That's not us! We love being involved in something. And so we are, with this site now!

We'd love your input! What else would you like to see on this website? What questions, comments or feedback do you have? You can tell us now: GO>

Because we aim to help you, and satisfy you with our information - please use the form below to indicate if any of our photos, links or videos suddenly are not working, so we can solve the situation! We check regularly - but you may find something before we do...

Thank you!!

Mission, Vision & Core Values

Our aim is to provide valuable information about lighthouses, and information that relates to that topic for people interested in this subject, as a hobby, as a tourist, as a traveler, or as someone who values history. Or for whatever individual reason a person may have.

In doing so, we continuously research what's needed to provide this information. That includes current tourist needs for those traveling to areas nearby sites with lighthouses. Also any history associated with lighthouses. We research related areas of lighthouses, including towns, people, and situations. In doing this we interact with other people of similar interest, as well as researchers throughout the country, and internationally. 

Our research aim is to be as accurate and authentic as possible. We don't claim to be historians. But it's why we provide documentation for historical information. We add our own photographs whenever we can. We locate historic photographs when possible, which reflect related subjects. When showing photographs from other sources, we give credit Per Licensing. In support of our research and authorship of content for you, we maintain productive memberships, as well as credentials and experience:

  • Members of
  1. The U.S. Lighthouse Society
  2. The American Lighthouse Foundation
  • Degrees/Certificates/Experience: Karen
  1. Master of Education
  2. Member of Kappa Delta Pi
  3. 10 Years teaching experience
  4. 8 Years Section Directing Experience
  5. 20 Years Leadership Experience
  • Degrees/Certificates/Experience: Bill
  1. Bachelor Degree
  2. 10 Years teaching experience
  3. 18 years instructional lecturing experience

About Us - Karen & Bill

Hi! I'm Karen

I've always been a warm-weather lover. My family jokingly calls me a "lizard" - really!  It's kinda funny that we live in the desert, but we both love the beach, the ocean - island life, etc.! Gravitate there for all our travels, just about.

Although born in Scranton Pennsylvania, growing up on the East Coast, I always knew I'd end up in a warmer climate. When the time was right, we moved across country to Arizona.

We first came to Tucson on vacation to check it out. We knew Arizona was the place to be our home. Plans began for that permanent move. We also lived in Southern California (loved that!), teaching there for a little over ten years.

I had to figure on a career with the move West. So went for an Associates Degree in Respiratory Therapy, a Bachelors Degree in Health Care Management, and then an Education Masters. To shore up other life options: got a certificate in TESOL - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and a certificate in teaching Business English.

I've always loved outdoor activities, travel, history, nature, boating trips, conservation and in particular, birding. Bill and I have traveled to Ireland, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand, and through much of the United States.

We've had many hiking and camping experiences along the way, since our younger days. We brought up our kids kind of out in nature - taking them camping, bird-watching. Going places that are fun, but double as a learning experience about history.

I'm the primary author/constructor/webmaster of this website. But Bill is involved, too!

Hi! I'm Bill

Bill is my husband. We've been married for many years - were actually high school sweethearts. People often comment on our marriage's longevity. One reason is that we're best friends. We enjoy much of the same activities and interests - including travel, love of history, enjoying coastal/seaside & marine related stuff, and experiencing the outdoors!

Bill is a contributor to the website. He helps with ideas, photos, offering critiques, researching information. He's with me, collaborating, on our investigative trips to find needed info. He's imaginative and thinks of unique information and creations to offer readers.

Bill loves outdoor activities, beautiful scenery, new adventures, and vicariously learning about birds through listening to me! He adores the ocean, islands, the tropics, "watery areas" (he figures it's because he's a Pisces!). Exploring these areas is a favored past-time.

Early on Bill received a Degree in land surveying, and was employed in that field. He has both an Associates and a Bachelors Degree in Respiratory Therapy. Bill's been a clinician and a teacher in that profession.

Somewhere in all of that, we both got a certificate in truck driving from Rio Salado Community College! We did that as a team for one year total - it wasn't for us!! But it was a learning experience. 

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