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Thinking about Lighthouses? Welcome to LighthouseRover - where we take you with us, roving the world to discover all there is to find about this passion we have: those famous indicator beacons! It's just amazing, all there is to know and bring to light! So much lore, history, interesting stories.

How did this passion for lighthouses begin for you? Anything like it began for us? Well, it started for us, with our love for travel. Plus our love for islands, for seas & shores, and for history. That drew us to seaside areas, to boating and sailing lore. It just tied together with visiting interesting lighthouses. And it took off from there. 

We want to share our findings with others. See if our ideas help you have great ideas for your own trips, or your own lighthouse discoveries. Helping to feed all our captivation!

So many of them: lit now, historically so, or only in memory. The variety of design, the settings! How can we ever get to see them all? We can at least vicariously visit, while trekking to as many as we can. And learn all we want to know about these beacons. Are you wanting to learn about lighthouses?

Here's anything you can imagine about lighthouses. Stop back often, we're always adding more.

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A Bit About Lighthouses

Before lighthouses, people built large bonfires on hilltops. Placed at hazardous entry points to rivers or bays leading to towns.2

If there was no hilltop, they'd make a big platform for a signal fire.2 That's the infancy of Lighthouse History.

These fires weren't too helpful for hazards, but were more a mapping marker. Leading the way into the river, inlet or bay.2

The first true lighthouse was in Ancient Egypt, about 284 to 246 BC in Alexandria.Another built in Galicia, Spain. About the 2nd century AD, influenced by the Egyptian tower. Spoken of as Farum Brigantium, which in Greek essentially means Lighthouse of Alexandria.Still standing today, as a World Heritage Site.4

By the end of the 1600s, sea transportation was increasing. So safety needs increased. More and more lighthouses were built, with improved construction techniques. Some lighthouse builders were famous, and were in demand. Many of their works still stand today! Wouldn't we like to see their efforts?

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So many lighthouses to see around the world! Virtually, tours, vacations to plan, movies to see, lighthouses to visit near your area, history to know, decor to have for lighthouse aura surrounding us daily! Plus so much more: for all of you, all of us lighthouse fanatics -

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  • Don't you just love art that features lighthouses? Any kind! Or what kind?
  • Have you heard about really interesting stories of lighthouses - the keepers, or rescues, something scary, or heroic? Which is most memorable to you?

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